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You're only 4 steps away from demonstrating your impact

From choosing a questionnaire to reporting your impact, we keep things simple

1. Select a questionnaire

Based on your desired outcomes, choose from our range of peer reviewed questionnaires. If none of them suit, you can always create your own questionnaire.

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2. Collect responses

Questionnaire responses can be collected in person, remotely or retrospectively. Responses are securely saved within Impactasaurus for review and analysis.

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3. Monitor progress

A beneficiary's journey can be monitored during your intervention. This allows you to tailor your services to meet their specific requirements.

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4. Report your impact

Generate reports showing the impact your organisation had on your beneficiaries. Reports can be generated covering all of your beneficiaries or just a certain segment (e.g. a project or a location).

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Inspirational organisations Impactasaurus

Over 100 organisations use Impactasaurus to demonstrate their impact

Cornwall Rural Community Charity

Impactasaurus helps us understand the impact of our different projects. It produces fantastic visual representations that help us communicate the journey people make with our support.

Breathing Spaces

We are delighted to recommend Impactasaurus to anyone who needs an easy to use, meaningful and efficient way of collecting, analysing and presenting data that demonstrates their outcomes and impact.

Sporting Force

Impactasaurus is an easy to use piece of software, it takes seconds to input questionnaire responses. We can provide funders and trustees with visuals that are easily understood on each beneficiary or project.

Inclusion Gloucestershire

Times are tough for everyone and competition for funding is tight, having robust evidence of impact is critical. Working with Impactasaurus has helped us demonstrate the difference our work makes.