It is becoming increasingly important to demonstrate your social impact to trustees, investors, donors and other stakeholders. In doing so, organisations are more likely to continue obtaining support, in an ever more competitive sector.

In addition, by measuring social impact, you can understand which areas need improvement and what changes will be most benefical. As the saying goes, 'If you can't measure it, you can't improve it'.

Impact Measurement has long been an exclusive activity for larger organisations. We are changing this. We believe impact measurement should be practiced by all organisations benefiting society.

No matter what your budget, which CRM you use or the size of your organisation, start measuring your impact with Impactasaurus


  • Define Questionnaires

    Create as many questionnaires as you want in the system

  • Complete Questionnaires

    Questionnaires can be completed within the web app, the responses are stored within the system for future reference

  • Beneficiary Journey

    Visualise a beneficiary's journey as a radar chart, table or line graph

  • Service Reports

    Generate reports showing your organisation's impact across all your beneficiaries

  • Cloud Based

    Everything is stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere in the world

  • Data Protection

    Impactasaurus collects no personally identifiable information, so there are minimal data security concerns

  • Send Questionnaires

    Questionnaires can be sent to beneficiaries to complete remotely

  • Notes

    Capture comments, goals and actions

  • Slice and Dice

    Reports can be generated for subsets of your beneficiaries, ideal for reporting on individual programmes or initiatives

  • Mobile Compatible

    Our web application can be used on computers, phones and tablets

  • Data Export

    Export your data to Excel for manual analysis or backup

Why Impactasaurus?

  • Affordable

    Impact measurement for any budget or lack thereof

  • CRM Independent

    No need to move or duplicate your beneficiary data, our product works independently

  • Customisable

    Define your social aims, objectives and outcomes

  • Simple

    No training or manuals needed - intuitive and simple to setup


As a thank you, Impactasaurus is free forever for beta users!

Once outside of beta, we hope to offer Impactasaurus for as little as possible. We never plan to make a profit from Impactasaurus.


Impactasaurus is currently accepting beta users

If the following describes you, please leave your email address below and we will be in contact soon:

  • You help beneficiaries over a period of time (longitudinal study)
  • Your beneficiaries can answer questionnaires before and after 'intervention', or more frequently
  • You are interested in understanding your impact on the beneficiary
  • Your desired questionnaire is composed of scale questions (most commonly likert scales)