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Impactasaurus is free!

If this changes, we will give you plenty of warning

What happens if the situation changes?

If our donations dry up or our running costs dramatically increase, there is a chance we may need to charge you.

If we start charging for Impactasaurus, you will be given at least 2 months warning. If you decide you do not want to pay, we will help you migrate to another solution.

Impactasaurus is a non profit organisation, future pricing will only cover the costs of running and developing the software.

How do you afford the running costs?

Impactasaurus was designed from the start to exploit cloud computing technology, as such, running costs are minimal. Donations cover these costs.

How do you afford to develop the software?

Development of the software is undertaken by volunteers who want to give back to society.

I took part in the beta, how will future pricing apply to me?

Organisations which took part in the beta will have free access to Impactasaurus forever, as a thanks for your invaluable feedback.