About Us

All organisations, benefiting society, should understand their social impact


In 2016, ALD Life created a project on Social Coder requesting a custom outcome monitoring and reporting solution. ALD found that the commercial offerings were:

  • too expensive
  • only offered to users of a specific CRM system
  • not configurable enough
  • too complicated

It became apparent that ALD were not alone, other charities were struggling to find the right tools for their impact needs. Impactasaurus was founded in 2017 to meet this need.


Our vision is for all organisations, benefiting society, to understand their social impact, allowing them to demonstrate their value to stakeholders and drive improvements to their services.

To achieve this vision, we are creating easy to use and inexpensive software, to help small and medium size charities measure and understand their social impact.


A team of volunteers help bring Impactasaurus' vision to life. From programming to marketing, many very talented people have given up their time to help. We are truly grateful for their support.

Dan Reynolds, the founder of Impactasaurus, is new to the charity sector, having previously worked in software consultancy. By exploiting his software skills, Dan hopes to help charities help others.