Impactasaurus: open to all

Jan 23, 2019 - 1 min read

Today we celebrate a huge milestone - Impactasaurus is now available to everyone!

When we started Impactasaurus, almost 2 years ago now, the problem we wanted to solve was — how do small charities monitor and report their impact?

We found the commercial offerings available at the time were:

  • too expensive
  • only available to users of a specific CRM system
  • offered limited configuration
  • too complicated

so Impactasaurus was born with a simple vision: for all organisations, benefiting society, to understand their social impact.

After 10 months of development, we began a beta trial, where we invited users to start using Impactasaurus. The aim of the beta was to get feedback from users to help us build exactly what they needed. The beta has run for 14 months now and has welcomed over 100 organisations. Through this process we have built a tool which addresses the problems we saw 2 years ago: it is free, CRM independent and easy to configure and use. We're forever grateful to our beta users, and thank them for their kindness and invaluable input.

Today, Impactasaurus loses its beta status and becomes a fully fledged product. With this comes a new website, logo and a public signup page so that any organisation can start using the tool. Although the beta is over, development will continue. We have many exciting features planned over the coming months.

We’re thrilled to have reached this milestone, and can't wait to share Impactasaurus with all of you.

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