Impactasaurus, a social impact tool, has been released

Easy to use and designed for smaller charities, Impactasaurus brings a fresh perspective to impact measurement and reporting

(Jan 23, 2019) - Today, Impactasaurus, an impact monitoring and reporting tool for small and medium sized charities, has been released. Impactasaurus brings a fresh perspective on impact measurement, focusing on ease of use and simplicity.

"We set out to make it easier for small and medium sized charities to measure their social impact" says Dan, founder of Impactasaurus, "after two years of development and trials, we believe Impactasaurus delivers on that promise, allowing anyone helping individuals to measure their impact. This has been possible thanks to the 100+ charities which trialed Impactasaurus, with their feedback, we have been able to build a tool which solves the problems smaller charities face."

Impactasaurus is simple to use, requiring no user manuals or training courses. To help charities ask the right questions, the tool includes a catalogue of questionnaires to select from. Beneficiaries can complete questionnaires in person, remotely by clicking a link or answers can be entered retrospectively. Impact reports can be generated covering the whole organisation or just targeting a single project, location or type of intervention. Best of all, it is free to use and takes just a few minutes to get started.