National Fire Chiefs Council

Dec 4, 2022 - 2 min read

Jo Hardy, Early Intervention National Liaison Officer at National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), has kindly provided a few words about why they have chosen Impactasaurus as part of their Early Intervention Implementation Framework. The framework is a suite of guidance and tools to assist fire and rescue services in delivering effective early intervention programmes that meet the needs of young people, communities and key stakeholders. To read more about the framework, please head to NFCC's website.

Initially, I confess, it was the little purple dinosaur that caught our eye but within minutes we were hooked on how intuitive the site was and how quickly we were able to trial our first ideas for impact collection.

The NFCC support Fire and Rescue Services to deliver early intervention to vulnerable young people to help them into better outcomes and reduce the likelihood they will need blue light services. We recently launched a new Theory of Change and a new vision for our evaluation but we needed a way to gather impact evaluation from 48 autonomous Fire and Rescue Services across the UK who collectively work with up to 15,000 young people on these interventions. We wanted to collect evidence of impact from the young person, the referring partner and the intervention leader at multiple points in their journey.

Working with Impactasaurus helped us to realise this vision by allowing us to set up multiple connected accounts with standardised questionnaire sets and a demo account for training. The Impactasaurus' team was on hand throughout the set up and launch phase, advising us and adapting the features of the site to meet our needs and ensuring our data will be suitable for a range of analysis in future. The usability in terms of links, QR codes, site navigation, touch screen features and the different ways to view the results are all exactly what we needed.

Whilst setting up our impact evaluation of interventions, we also saw the potential for using the site to capture evidence of our own impact in supporting Fire and Rescue Services. We now have multiple impact questionnaires in action to enable us to quality assure our own NFCC processes too.

It’s still early days for our data collection but the tool has been incredibly well received and we are optimistic it will enable us to collect evidence on a national scale regarding the impact the work of Fire and Rescue Services carry out with children and young people, which has thus far been missing.

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